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Raising the bar for prebiotics

Seamlessly fits into daily routines

  • Neutral color, taste and smell
  • Fine powder, blends well
  • Whole food, plant-based
  • Dietary fiber
  • Water dispersible
  • Clean label
  • Allergen-free

We let the science speak for itself

Choose from our many substantiated structure/ function label claims to attract, educate and retain consumers.

“As investigators of the microbiome, we’re never satisfied with surface-level results. We’re always pushing harder and digging deeper in our understanding of Solnul®. Our unparalleled data sets allow us to consistently go back to the reservoir of info and pull-out meaningful insights about how the microbiome influences the rest of the body.”

– Dr. Jason Bush, Ph.D. » See his bio HERE

By partnering with Solnul®, you’ll gain access to our microbiome and metabolite research, patent portfolio, industry insights and exclusive claims

Request a sample today

Are you ready to heal the gut with resistant starch? Request a sample and fuel your next product with the power of Solnul®.

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