Screening the gut microbiome for biomarkers can help discriminate people who stand to benefit from microbiome-targeting therapies (responders) from those who do not (non-responders).

But how can we use these biomarkers to improve health in a truly personalized manner?

Watch Dr. Jason Bush at the Global Engage: Microbiome Forum present Solnul®’s latest clinical research and 23-patent pending biomarkers. Specifically, he will breakdown the process of how changes in IBS-related symptoms, glucose, and cholesterol metabolism were analyzed in correlation with changes in bacteria in the microbiomes of healthy participants consuming Solnul® resistant starch. Through this investigation, numerous biomarkers were identified that changed in correlation with health parameters after Solnul® consumption. These findings highlight the potential value of coupling microbiome testing with selective microbiome interventions to improve health parameters.

We forecast that microbiome research will disrupt conventional pharmaceutical development strategies and that using predictive biomarkers will be the gateway to optimum health.

To date, Solnul® is the only prebiotic on the market to use predictive biomarkers to improve host health.

Interested in learning more? See the Solnul® Low Dose Clinical Study

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