With 4/5 of Americans experiencing some type of digestive health concern in the last year, repairing the gut becomes increasingly important because healthy people still suffer from GI complaints. The gut microbiota is arguably the gatekeeper of overall health, therefore, maintaining intestinal barrier function is among the most essential structure/function relationships in the human body.

In this webinar, learn how supplementation of 3.5 g Solnul™ provides a comprehensive solution to enhance intestinal barrier function. In his hypothesis-driven approach, Dr. Jason Bush explains the biochemical interactions of key metabolites and cellular changes to achieve a repaired gut lining by:

  • Substantiation for Solnul™ prebiotic efficacy, including Bifidobacterium and stool form improvements.

  • Linking increases in Akkermansia to gut barrier function and reductions in circulating blood serum histamine levels.

  • The constellation of Solnul™-dependent metabolomic changes that demonstrate resolution of intestinal permeability.

If ‘all disease’ begins in the gut, then ‘all health’ can begin there too.

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