Our purpose is to close the resistant starch gap to restore human health.

Over 10,000 years ago, ancestral diets were raw and rich in unripe fruits and vegetables, containing 30-50 g of resistant starch per day. Over time, modern food manufacturing methods like milling and cooking have stripped resistant starch from our diets.

Today, we’re in a nutrient-deficient state of crisis.

The average American gets only 4 g1 or 20% of the Suggested Dietary Target (SDT)2 of resistant starch from diet alone.

Resistant starch refers to all starches that remain “resistant” to digestive enzymes when they reach the large intestine. Resistant Starch Type 2 (RS2) is a native granule from an unmodified food source found in certain fruits, vegetables, and grains. It is a unique type of prebiotic dietary fiber that has been well-research for its effects on healthy digestion, IBS symptoms and proper immune system function.3

Australian researchers at CSIRO have circled low resistant starch consumption as the crucial factor contributing to many of the diseases afflicting the Western world that have typically been associated with low fiber intake, even though fiber targets are met.

Dietary preferences and modern food processing methods have eliminated the vast majority of resistant starch from our diet. You would have to consume over 10,000 kcal/day to achieve the SDT from modern foods, making dietary supplementation and fortification of foods with resistant starch absolutely necessary.

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Our Team

We’re a team of highly engaged individuals that are advocates, investigators, scientists, nutritionists and storytellers. Together, we’re committed to carrying out Solnul®’s purpose by educating the world on the importance of resistant starch and helping brands create meaningful, science-backed formulations. With every new product that is fueled by Solnul®, we’re one step closer to restoring the modern diet.

Jason Leibert
Jason LeibertChief Growth Officer

Jason Leibert is a resistant starch advocate and storyteller, passionate about the gut microbiome. He has a successful track record of business development within the life sciences sector and, as the Chief Growth Officer at MSP Starch Products Inc., leads the business trajectory of Solnul® and strategic growth for the company. Over the last several years, he’s built an internal team and an international village of believers to help bring back prebiotic resistant starch to our communities.

Jason was initially drawn to the business opportunity after meeting the founders and seeing the state-of-the-art operations they had built and the world-class research they had conducted, all in the name of resistant starch. The deficiency of RS2 in modern diets and the growing opportunity for prebiotics within the gut microbiome market was evident from day one.

Jason previously held the title of Vice President of Business and Product Development at Kane Biotech, where he propelled the business into growth through strategic partnering, licensing, marketing and seeking out new business opportunities. He’s a current director of the Bioscience Association Manitoba (BAM) and vice-chair of Research Manitoba.

Dr. Jason Bush
Dr. Jason BushChief Scientific Officer

Dr. Jason Bush is an investigator of the microbiome. As the Chief Scientific Officer at MSP Starch Products Inc., he has led two clinical trials, which unlocked numerous clues explaining how resistant starch is utilized in the gut microbiome to influence human health. His keen interest in complex biological systems fuels his pursuit to fully understand how Solnul® can be employed to positively impact our health within the gut and beyond. He has been integral in protecting the IP behind the Solnul® technology and has filed numerous patents for over 22 biomarkers and health applications.

Dr. Bush completed a Ph.D. in Medical Genetics at the University of Alberta, followed by a Post-Doctoral Fellowship at Western University, where he studied the epigenetic regulation of skeletal development.

Cara Kennedy
Cara KennedyDirector of Marketing

Cara Kennedy is a dynamic blend of product marketer, nutritionist, and unwavering resistant starch advocate. In her prominent role as the Director of Marketing at MSP Starch Products Inc., Cara expertly navigates the world of scientific reports and consumer data to share the meaningful and historic resistant starch story with the world. She has witnessed the transformative power of resistant starch firsthand and believes Solnul® holds the potential to revolutionize the natural products industry.

Cara reigns from the consumer-packaged goods industry where she has experience building brands, through leadership, strategy, and creativity. For the last several years, she’s worked as a natural products consultant helping numerous supplement and functional food manufacturers launch innovative health products into the North American market.

Cara represents Solnul® on the International Probiotics Association communications committee in support of raising awareness for resistant starch.