The microbiome is beautiful yet highly complex.

With every new research study conducted, we’re granted a piece of the puzzle bringing us closer to understanding its influence and connection to the rest of the body. There’s still lots of work to be done.

MSP Starch Products Inc. has made the calculated decision to invest in human clinical trials to evaluate and substantiate the prebiotic effects of Solnul® resistant starch.

But we don’t stop there.

To truly understand the connection between nutrition, the microbiome and the human body, we use an integrated research approach including blood metabolomics, microbiome sequencing, and host health measurements.

Metabolomics offers a powerful tool to probe biological systems and enhance our understanding of life at the molecular level, which greatly impacts our understanding of how Solnul® affects the body.

Gut Microbiome Research

We have had the opportunity to work in collaboration with many clinical research and educational institutions to help us on the journey to understanding the full functionality of Solnul® and its market potential.

The Solnul® Advantage


Resistant potato starch supplementation reduces serum histamine levels in healthy adults with links to attenuated intestinal permeability

August 2023

Consumption of Solnul® Resistant Potato Starch Produces a Prebiotic Effect in a Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Clinical Trial

March 2023


Through our unparalleled data reserve, we clinically prove Solnul®’s systemic effect on the human body and revolutionize how we understand prebiotics. In the ‘Beyond the Gut’ series, we present our knowledge of the inner workings of the microbiome, its gut bacteria and the metabolomic influence that occurs to solve modern health problems with holistic root cause solutions.

Part 1: Gut/Skin Axis: Can Resistant Starch Influence Collagen Health?

Part 2: Leaky Gut: Can Resistant Starch Enhance Gut Barrier Function?

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