Research Methods

The microbiome is beautiful yet highly complicated. With every new research study conducted, we’re granted a piece of the puzzle bringing us closer to understanding its influence and connection to the rest of the body. There’s still lots of work to be done.

MSP Starch Products Inc. has made the calculated decision to invest in human clinical trials to evaluate and substantiate the prebiotic effects of Solnul™ resistant starch. While in vitro studies can provide early indications of how a prebiotic might be utilized in the gut microbiome, human behavior and physiology cannot be modeled in test tubes. The result of this clinical validation is substantiated health claims, which are impossible to make from in vitro research. We continue to support additional research that is advancing the use of resistant starch.

We have had the opportunity to work in collaboration with many clinical research and educational institutions to help us on the journey to understanding the full functionality of Solnul™ and its market potential.

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Clinical Studies

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Personalized Nutrition

Solnul™ is the only prebiotic on the market capable of utilizing predictive microbiome biomarkers to improve host health. These biomarkers enable a tech-forward approach to the growing demand for personalized nutrition, and consumer interest in proactive health and disease prevention.

By partnering with Solnul™, you’ll be granted access to patent-pending intellectual property, consumer insights, and supporting research.