How Solnul™ resistant potato starch works:

Insoluble but fermentable fiber is “resistant” to digestion and feeds the microbiome creating a Bifidogenic, prebiotic effect through slow fermentation.

Ecological effects help to improve intestinal permeability thereby reducing circulating histamine levels and increasing beneficial Akkermansia levels.

Systemic benefits are evident by the movement of key blood metabolites in a positive direction, like decreases in skin collagen breakdown products.

Unmodified potato starch granules are exceptionally rich in RS2

Solnul has >60% RS2, the most concentrated form of RS2 with substantiation on the market

See why resistant starch is the Unsung Hero of Dietary Fiber.


Your multi-functional digestive health solution

Solnul™ is raising the bar for prebiotic and resistant starch categories with ground-breaking clinical and scientific research. Whether you’re reformulating or extending your product line, it’s the most essential tool to have in your natural health product.


FDA recognized beneficial dietary fiber with third-party reviewed and Structure/Function claims suitable for dietary supplement, food and beverage.

Leaky Gut


Mitochondrial Health

Digestive Health

Gut-Skin Axis

Gut-Brain Axis

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